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Arinc & 1553

EngineTest FADEC Interface Software (ETFIS) provides a user interface to: manage engine control operations and to view engine information for the engine. In addition, the FADEC interface software is designed to enable the publishing of parameters such that they can be brought into the real time application. This allows the EngineTest RealTime Server (ETRTS) to be capable of treating the FADEC parameters in the same manner as all other parameters, allowing the ETRTS configuration personnel to set up alarms and historical recording in a homogeneous way for all parameters.

Data originates from or is sent to the FADECs installed on the engine through independent MIL STD 1553 or ARINC busses. The 1553/ARINC card installed on the FADEC interface computer manages messages placed on the bus and received from the FADECs.

The PLC is responsible for handling some of the various discrete IO requirements in the system.

Where required, a maintenance/control panel (software) is provided with the system as shown below:


All data is available to the ETRTS for display and alarming from the ETFIS.
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