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EngineTest RealTime & LogSheet

EngineTest is a remote monitoring and logging software suite that allows engine operators to efficiently run through their validation and performance steps.

RealTime software comprises two major software components; The Server (ETRTS) and the Client (ETRTC). 

Generally, the Server and associated tasks run on the computer which handles all of the software intensive tasks. The Server handles data from all acquisition sources including engine and facility control systems.  

The Client runs on either a second computer or a second processor in the Server computer and provides the user interface and display. The same computer that runs the Client also runs the EngineTest © Logsheet Software (ETLS) and may use multiple displays. In addition to local use, the Client has been configured so that it can run remotely in order to have remote users view the data over a network or dial-up connection using Virtual Private Networking (VPN). The Server and Client both use the National Instruments LabVIEW software package and may be run on the same computer in less intensive applications.


The EngineTest Logsheet Software acts as the control and interface to the data resident in the database and the live data coming from the ETRTS/ETRTC software.

The logsheet and test results component is presented as a grid that displays all of the input and output data and is automatically stored in the database.

All information is included for the particular run and the three main pages are directly printable as a test report. In addition, a Test Summary or Customer Report may be created which is specifically formatted with the customer’s logos and to display information selected by the customer.


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