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High Speed DAS

ddas_software.gifThe High Speed Data Acquisition System (HS-DAS) provides organizations with a comprehensive flexible product to acquire dynamic data from rotating machinery, save this data, and allow complete analysis of the data through post processing and on-line analysis tools.

The HS-DAS is a PC-based system that uses standard off-the-shelf hardware and software components. It allows for accessible storage of the vast amounts of data collected during a test as well as convenient archiving of the data on physically small, inexpensive and stable archive media.

The architecture can be configured from a simple 8 channel system for vibration to a powerful 512 channels system for R&D type applications as pictured below:


The HS-DAS is a user configurable data acquisition system recording high-speed data acquired from DAQ cards in circular buffer files. In addition, it performs real-time processing of time data for the purpose of generating alarms and information for the on-line displays.

The time data requires the following processing steps:

  • filtering (any arbitrary band-pass)
  • decimation to bandwidth of interest
  • calibration
  • conversion to engineering units
  • tachometer signal analysis

Once the above steps are completed, the calibrated time domain data is examined and any necessary parameters such as FFT, frequency modes, engine orders and RMS values are calculated in the Order/Mode Parameter Processor module.

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