Yanos Aerospace Inc. Measurement and Automation

TransCanada Turbines - LM6000 / LM2500 / RB211 / Avon

Customer:TransCanada Turbines
EngineTest Realtime & Logsheet 
Application:Industrial Turbine
Engine(s):LM6000, LM2500, LM1500, Spey, Avon, RB21

Yanos Aerospace has provided TransCanada Turbines with capabilities to test a variety of General Electric and Rolls Royce Engines.  YAI's Engine Test software is currently being used for real time monitoring and performance logging of the LM6000, LM2500 and LM1500 engines, as well RB211, Spey and Avon engines.  The Engine Test database is used to track the performance of individual engines.

Performance processing and analysis is provided, with the flexibility for TCT to generate results in the format desired by their customers.  Emissions monitoring for NOx and CO, as well as combustion noise analysis can be supplied to end customers.

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