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DND Canada - F404

DND Canada
Product(s):EngineTest Realtime & Logsheet
Vibration & Throttle System
Instrumentation & Control Package
Application:Afterburning Turbofan

The Canadian Department of National Defence upgraded their two F404 test cell (Bagotville and Cold Lake) to the latest standard of system by Yanos Aerospace Inc. This included the addition of a new throttle system and an upgraded vibration system as well as the standard instrumentation system upgrade.

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The first phase of the project was to incorporate an initial installation due to the fact that the original system was unserviceable and spares were no longer available. The initial installation was testing engines 6 weeks after receipt of order and both test cells were completely upgraded within 8 months including instrumentation, wiring, sensors and computers. The system implemented was identical to the Royal Australian Airforce F404 upgrade.

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