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DND Canada - J85 / T58


Customer: DND Canada
Product(s):EngineTest Realtime & Logsheet
Data Acquisition & Control Systems
Engine(s):J85, T58

The DND project consisted of the replacement of two complete data acquisition and control systems for the Canadian Air Force. The systems test the J85 and T58 engines and are located in Shearwater, Nova Scotia and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The customer is located in Ottawa and all coordination was carried out through the Ottawa office.

The system was designed to utilize the latest version of EngineTest© 4 in order to improve the performance and data sharing from several different locations. ET4 allows for more detailed test step automation as well as the use of a SQL Server or Microsoft Access Database (all releases are designed to be 100% backwards compatible).

An advanced version of the Real-Time software was developed for this application in order to allow for the collection of steady-state, transient and dynamic data from the same platform. The new software also allows for the complete storage and replay of data from disk-based files and the full integration of the engine simulator software.

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