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RAAF Australia - F404

Customer:Royal Australian Air Force
EngineTest Realtime & Logsheet
Data Acquisition/ Signal Conditioning
Vibration & Control System
Afterburning Turbofan


The RAAF F404 DAS Upgrade project included the replacement of a manual control system with full end-to-end computerized EngineTest system including wiring, signal conditioning, control, fuel system upgrades and facility control systems.

The Installation included the full implementation of EngineTest RealTime Server and Client with the provision of semi-automated test procedures providing sequenced prompts to the user but allowing the user to control the engine and facility parameters through the respective control systems.

Operational constraints required a short downtime in order to do the switch-over so the installation is scheduled in phases with the ability to switch back to the old system at any time if required for immediate test capability.



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