Yanos Aerospace Inc. Measurement and Automation

Rolls-Royce Canada - Trent 800

Customer:Rolls Royce Canada
Product:Data Acquisition for R&D
Engine:Trent 80

1.jpg2.jpgThe project consisted of the supply of a Dynamic Data Acquisitions System (DDAS) for the Research and Development Testing of a large industrial engine. The dynamic data acquisition system (DDAS) was designed to record dynamic data such as blade vibration, rotor dynamics and aerodynamic instabilities. These measurements are made primarily with strain gauges but pressure transducers and accelerometers are also used.

During the recording of data, the system is able to monitor the recorded all of the parameters including various time and frequency displays as are typically found in a dynamic signal analyzer. The system is able to monitor the overall and peak levels of all signals automatically as well. The DDAS provides protection for the safe operations of the engine and test cell by having a means to set and monitor alarm points.

The DDAS is operated from consoles in the control room. The Virtual Oscilloscope (VO) system is used to ascertain the quality of the data recorded on disk and to monitor the most active points of the recorded parameters.

The system is a complete recording and analysis product for 128 input channels at 50,000 samples/second/channel. In addition, it required on-line displays as well as real-time limit checking on RMS values of the input signals. Using the products of various specialized sub contractors, the system was completely assembled, integrated, final programming carried out and debugged in the Yanos Aerospace facilities prior to installation on site.

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