Yanos Aerospace Inc. Measurement and Automation

Vector - RR250 / Arriel 1 / Arriel 2

Customer:Vector Aerospace
Product(s):EngineTest Realtime & Logsheet
Vibration & Throttle Systems
Data Acquisition/Signal Conditioning Hardware
Engine Interface
Engine(s):RR250, Arriel 1, Arriel 2

Yanos Aerospace was originally commissioned by Vector Aerospace for the replacement of a manual console with a full EngineTest system including acquisition and processing as well as a complete new EngineTest Vibration System and EngineTest Throttle System.

The Turbomeca Arriel 1 and Rolls-Royce 250 engines (all models) were incorporated including full control, performance and acceptance calculations and SQL Server database storage. Special controls required for the Arriel engine were incorporated such as specific vibration analysis tools, automatic 1S1 speed signal verification and a replacement variable fuel control system.

Yanos Aerospace was again commissioned for the upgrade of the test cell, this time to add the capabilities to test Turbomeca Arriel 2 varients.  The test cell was fully loaded so minimal installation time was critical. Using staged upgrades to the cell, downtime for the cell was kept to less than 2 weeks from taking the cell offline to correlation.

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